Mission Statement:

The mission of Sacred Heart Catholic School is to assist parents as
primary educators emphasizing Respect, Excellence, and Discipline according to the tradition of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Philosophy of Sacred Heart School

The Catholic school is a faith community of parents, teachers, administrator, pastor and students whose dual purpose is a deepening of faith and preparation of the student for future service to the world. We, at Sacred Heart School, believe that the purpose of Catholic education is to proclaim the Good News of God’s Salvation.

In order to provide this atmosphere of Christian life, parents and teachers who are the most important influences in a child’s life, should not only teach the message of Christ in word, but also be examples of Christian living in their private and professional behavior.

We believe that the terms Catholic and Christian are, or should be, synonymous.

To call our schools truly Catholic, we at Sacred Heart strive to maintain a Christian atmosphere through living out the principles and beliefs that focus on the message of Jesus. Through cooperation and dedication, with parents as primary educators, our school attempts to teach a broader vision of soial justice.

We are committed to providing quality education to ensure eduational growth and development and Christian formation of our children.

School Goals

The goals of the educational programs are:

1)    To promote growth in spiritual life through religious instruction, participation in Mass celebrations, and service by helping others to encourage Christian living through example and instruction

2)    To develop students’ God-given talents to their greatest potential

3)    To encourage responsible behavior through classroom duties and group activities

4)    To promote courtesy and respect for all persons