Grades 5-8

Students in grades 5-8 departmentalize for various subjects. The teachers are certified in their particular subject area for middle school. In the math program the students take basic math or pre-algebra in 7th grade and pre-algebra or algebra in grade 8. This gives students an opportunity to test out of algebra in high school. Accelerated reading is an integral part of the language arts program. There is a science lab with microscopes and grow labs for experiments. Students learn technology programs that they can use throughout life.

There are various extracurricular activities to meet the interests of the students:

  • Student Council
  • Yearbook
  • Bellarmine Speech League
  • Garden Club
  • Quilting Club
  • Band
  • Liturgy Choir

and much more.

Sixth through eighth graders also have an opportunity to compete in the St. Dominic math competition.