Accelerated Reader (AR) Information

About AR

The Accelerated Reader program is a reading program which enables students to become successful readers by offering them chances to practice their reading skills.  Students take the STAR test, which determines their reading levels, in September and again after the Christmas holiday.  The STAR test provides a range of reading levels which the student can read successfully.  Students use this information to choose books in our library which are labeled with dots (see picture below) that correspond to the AR levels.  Upon completion of the book, students take quizzes to earn points.  Teachers generally set goals slightly higher than the levels shown by the test to challenge students and to increase vocabulary and comprehension.

Staying connected…staying informed

The AR committee (comprised of Mrs. Horvath, Mrs. Pollard and Mrs.Orf) has written a letter to help describe the program.  This AR letter not only introduces parents to the program but also provides a link to Renaissance Home Connect for parents to monitor their child’s success.  Logging in with their child’s information, parents can see the most recent test taken, the points their child has earned and the reading level at which they are reading, and see their entire bookshelf of books.  Parents can ask their children for login information, or they can contact their child’s teacher.

Choosing books

Parents can choose books for their children by using the AR website to determine the reading levels of books.  Students generally know their reading levels, but parents are welcome to contact teachers to verify this information.  We have over 11,000 books in our library, but there are many more available for AR testing but which we do not have on hand.  However, our automated system is not available online but parents are welcome to contact the librarians, Michelle Finley or Rebecca Williams, to determine the availablility of a title or to ask more questions.  If our library does not have what you are trying to find, please feel free to browse the books at Powell Memorial Library in Troy or St. Charles County Libraries