Sacred Heart School Scrip Program

The scrip program is a dollar-for-dollar exchange for gift cards and gift certificates accepted at places where you already shop or order online. THERE IS NO COST TO YOU! Simply purchase scrip for your groceries, clothing, gas, coffee, movie tickets and anything you’re buying anyway. The merchant makes the donation to Sacred Heart, and you get the full value of your purchase.

For example: You purchase a $10 scrip gift card to Barnes & Noble. You get the full value of the $10 while Barnes & Noble makes a donation, or rebate to Sacred Heart. This donation, or rebate, is the portion that Sacred Heart keeps.

The scrip year runs from May 1 to April 30 of the next calendar year.

1) Set up an account at You will use this to track your account. Each family must set up their own account. This is also on Jean Elliott’s bulletin board on Fast Direct. Contact Jean Elliot for Sacred Heart’s code.

2) Pick up an order form at school, at church, or print it from the school website.


3) Go to the online website and purchase through

Using either method, send your check to school and and your cards can be picked up or sent home with your child. Also, anyone can order and give credit to your family.

Many of the scrip vendors are kept in stock. Due to the volume of orders, there may be times when we are temporarily out of stock. If you go online, you will find many more vendors available. For example, there are more restaurants, hotels, phone cards, etc. Or you can call or email Jean Elliot to see which cards are available. Orders to refill our stock are usually done by Monday afternoon. These orders are received by the end of the week.

Scrip is sold in the Sacred Heart Room, Tuesday through Friday and on the 2nd and 4th weekends in church after the masses.

REMEMBER: Each family must earn $125 in rebates for the school year. For any amount earned over the minimum, 50 percent goes to Sacred Heart, and 50 percent goes toward your tuition. Or, you can do a buyout and pay the $125 by December 31. So, we encourage you to purchase as much as you can, so there is less money out of your pocket.