Athletics, properly regulated, play a very important role in the development of our youth. Therefore, the goal of the Sacred Heart Sports Committee is to aid in the formation of ideal youth – firmly loyal to God, Church and community, physically fit, and mentally alert. Duties of the sports committee include obtaining and adhering to rules of the CYA, coordinating schedules, roster, uniforms, equipment and playing/practice fields or gyms. The annual meeting is held the first Tuesday in April. Members may call additional meetings as needed.

Go to HTTP:// to register for any sport as well as other sports information & schedules.

Athletic Committee

President: Vaughn McDowell
Vice President: Mary Kate Livingston
Treasurer: Debbie Cook
Secretary/Compliance: Ashton Davis

Basketball Coordinators: Jim Wallis / Joe Linneman
Golf Coordinator: Phil Holland
Soccer Coordinator: William Huffman
Volleyball Coordinators: Brain Graf
On-Site/Concession Coordinator: Kasey Hall
Logowear Coordinator: Christy Bruns


The athletic committee can be reached at

The Association is always eager for volunteers. To find out more, please contact a current board member.