Please complete the registration form below and return it to the school office by the deadline of May 16th.

soccer registration

Information on the 2014 CYC Season

1. Sacred Heart will be playing in the St. Charles County District of the CYC. For more information on the parishes playing in the St. Charles County District of the CYC please visit the league website at

2. Players 5th grade and up will be required to obtain a photo id card to be eligible to play. The card is good for 6 years and has a cost of $5. Each teams coach will need to have these at all league games for his/her team. The ID cards can be obtained at the following website: You will need to upload a photo for the league to create the photo ID card. Also there will need to be some form of verification of DOB for the child sent the CYC league office. All CYC photo id card need to be applied for prior to the start of the season.

Requirement for Coaches

1. All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to attend a meeting “Coaching to Make a Positive Difference” in addition to the, “Protecting Gods Children”, class to coach in the CYC. You will receive a photo id card for attending the class which you are required to have at all of your games. All coaches must be listed on the Official Roster and have the required courses and Photo ID’s.

2. Coaches must have all players photo ID card and roster at all league games. We were told that these are viewed prior to the game. If a non roster player is playing then the game will be forfeited. We imagine some tournaments will require the same.